Empowering Africa

WayMarkt was created with the clear objective of contributing to the development of the African continent, creating more opportunities and helping small and medium size businesses, the heart of Africa. 

International Expansion

Making key relationships between African SMB's and our extens network of suppliers.

Businesses Growth

Helping SMB's to succesfully make their activities with lower risks and better results.

Digital Literacy

Creating tools and services to promote the e-Commerce market in Africa.

Help in Education

Aming a percentage of out benefits to organizations in the cities we operate.

About the empowerment

At WayMarkt we are awere that the best way to create development is by giving power to the people. That is the reason WayMarkt work with small and medium size businesses that will generate the development within Africa. Theses businesses can count on WayMarkt to help them carry out their business in a simpler way, eliminating the difficulties and risks on the day-to-day operations.

Connecting businesses, growing with Africa

The Team

We are WayMarkt. Creative thinkers with an ambitious and persevering mindset who want to take advantage of the new era of opportunities with extraordinary passion and focus.

Sultán Alubankudi

Trader & Logistics Expert

International Trade. Proven experience in international trade and logistics with Africa. Sultan has extensive knowledge and network of contacts in different Central African countries, especially Nigeria, where he has carried out a large number of transactions in different sectors.

Sokolidje Esuba

African Liaison & Tech. Specialist

Engineering & MBA. Training in Business Administration. Expert in Project management and responsible for the web platform management. Extensive knowledge and network of contacts in Equatorial Guinea.

Mohamed El Madani

Financial & Business Strategy

Engineering & MBA – International Business. Broad training in Business Management and International Trade & Business. Professional experience in the financial sector. Extensive knowledge and network of contacts in the North African market, especially the Moroccan market.

Want to join us?

Newest addition

Are you a student, want to be an intern with us?

Join the dynamism and energy of the WayMarkt team. Continuous learning is guranteed with a multidisciplinary team that grows every year!

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