Connecting businesses, growing with Africa

WayMarkt is a B2B services company that interconnects businesses between Europe and Africa. 

European and African companies will have greater visibility in both markets through WayMarkt and will be able to easily connect with new customers and suppliers. Purchasing different products and services  will be safe and efficient, minimizing existing risks.

Main Services

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WayMarkt Shop

An online platform where you are able to see all the products from WayMarkt's providers and request for them.


Waymarkt can take care of the logistics process of export and import. The customer only has to pick up his product in WayMarkt logistics hubs.

Business Matching & Consulting

Whether you are starting or willing to expand, WayMarkt gives you the excellent guidance to make your business successful.

International Payments Management

WayMarkt helps clients to make transactions overseas and to exchange their local currency into the needed one.

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The Team

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Sultán Alubankudi

Trader & Logistics Expert

Sokolidje Esuba

African Liasion & Tech. Specialist

Mohamed El Madani

Financial & Business Strategy

Are you a student, want to be an intern with us?

Join the dynamism and energy of the WayMarkt team. Continuous learning is guranteed with a multidisciplinary team that grows every year!

Why Choose Our Service

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Extensive knowledge of the African and European markets

Broad network of contacts across all sectors

Close and professional treatment

Efficiency and security in every transaction

Contribution to the growth of Africa

What Our Clients Say

"Working with WayMarkt team made things easier for me. Very close, helpful and always attentive to the details, which is very important in business."
Mr. Damola
Nigerian Distributor
"When I started working with WayMarkt I had my doubts because for me Nigeria was a new market, but I also knew it was a huge market full of opportunities. I gave them a chance, and they proved me their effectiveness."
Antonio González
Spanish Grapes S.A.
"Certainly they do a lot of hard work, and always ready to solve my problems, working with the team made my problems disappear."
Mr. Kazeem
Nigerian Wholesaler

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